Brandon Bowers Funeral Service & Crematorium

Our History

Arthur Brandon

Funeral service in Revelstoke has a rich history starting in the mid 1800’s. by Mr. C.J. Barrett. The business was taken over by Mr. Robert Howson in 1898 with the construction of a new two storey frame building in the 200 block of Mackenzie Avenue.

On September 21, 1916 this building and those around it were destroyed by fire. In 1920, Robert Howson’s son, Len took over the business and moved it to the next block on Mackenzie Avenue (the present location). In 1925, Arthur Solomon Brandon bought the existing funeral and furniture business and operated it from the present site at 301 Mackenzie Avenue.

Mr. Brandon passed away in 1942 at the age of 67 years and the family continued to operate the business until their association with the Bowers family in 1976.

In 1990, the present partners; Gary Sulz, Kevin Bolen and Jack Bowers bought the buildings and business and continue to run the business under the Brandon Bowers name.

Serving and caring for families in our community with understanding and dignity since 1925